Simone Austin is an advanced sports dietitian, keynote speaker and author.

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Simone recognises that understanding nutrition, optimal eating and food preparation has to be practical and enjoyable. Simone’s engaging approach and enthusiasm emanates when presenting at conferences, in the media and workplaces around Australia and overseas, where she demonstrates how to:

  • eat for your own peak performance
  • enjoy food whilst maximising wellbeing
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Who is Simone Austin?

Simone is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Advanced Sports Dietitian, the President of Sports Dietitians Australia and Hawthorn Football Club’s dietitian.

For 25 years Simone has provided nutrition education to some of Australia’s most successful elite athletes. Simone has established herself as a sought-after keynote speaker, TV and radio presenter and health adviser. In her book, Eat Like An Athlete, Simone’s advice is available to everyone.

Simone is an ambassador for Rokeby Farms Australia and has worked with many brands; Macadamia Nuts, Vic Strawberries, Alpine Bread, Foxes Den, Australian Almond Board, Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Swisse Wellness.


Here are three ways Simone can help you


Simone loves sharing her knowledge and practical nutrition tips to audiences around Australia. You can book Simone to speak at your next event, conference or workplace education day.

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Simone is an established Australian dietitian who regularly provides nutrition advice to elite sports teams and individuals, food brands and through her private practice.

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Simone is passionate about making health and nutrition easy for everyone. Simone regularly shares her nutrition knowledge on TV, radio and in publications.

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Industry Leading Experience

Simone as a presenter

Simone is a highly engaging presenter who we have partnered with for more than two years to increase awareness about the benefits and impact of healthy eating and improved nutrition in personal and professional life.

The feedback from our teams who have listened to Simone has been very positive.  Feedback forms regularly comment on Simone’s nutrition segment as being one of their highlights of the workshops we deliver.  Our partnership with Simone has contributed to improved health and wellbeing across our workforce – particularly in our Intensive Care Unit and our Emergency Department.

Stephen Whittaker

Manager Health, Wellbeing and Peer Support – Melbourne Health (Royal Melbourne Hospital, North Western Mental Health)

Simone has been a fantastic asset to the Rokeby Farms team- tremendously knowledgeable, and definitely captures a crowd with her infectiously passionate personality

Rokeby Farms

We were very lucky have Simone talk to our people at Seven. We are focusing on investing in our health and wellbeing for our people and Simone is a great advocate to use to do this. Our people loved the lunch and learn! We will definitely work with Simone on other Health and Wellbeing initiatives here at Seven.

Channel 7 Staff health & wellbeing

Simone delivered two excellent 'Seasoned Nutrition' seminars for our Wellness Studio in Thornbury. Her wealth of knowledge and years of experience are unquestionable but it is her ability to communicate relevant information clearly and succinctly which makes her a stand out in her field. Simone is a charismatic and engaging presenter who harnesses her passion to hold her audience's interest from start to finish. The seminars were a huge success and left the attendees wanting more! Thank you Simone.

Marisa Lawlor

Director, Just Believe Fit

Thank you again for your presentation today, the students haven't stopped talking about it.

Swinburne University Dietetics Programme

Simone came and presented a nutritional seminar to our developing and elite level swimmers, the talk was really engaging full of great anecdotes and useful tips. All our swimmers and parents walked away with quality, realistic advice that even the busiest of households could follow. We are looking forward to running other workshops in the future!

Ben Craven

Head Coach, Ringwood Swimming Club

I have just listened to your Fad Diets Webinar via Education in Nutrition.  I wanted to email you to say, that was fantastic.

Whist I gained a lot from the information, one of the things that really registered was your added bit at the end re confidence in ourselves.

Registered Nutritionist

Registered Nutritionist

We are really grateful for your contribution to our Spokesperson’s Program. You are a stand-out in terms of your engagement and willingness to contribute – thank you!

Dietitians Association of Australia Media Spokesperson Programme

I really enjoyed your presentation. You are an excellent speaker.

Oliver Witard, PhD AFHEA

Oliver Witard, PhD AFHEA

Senior Lecturer, University of Stirling

Simone's Approach

As well as ensuring peak performance for elite athletes, Simone teaches a practical message of health and happiness through her regular media appearances, her book and corporate events. Simone is a lively speaker on all things nutrition, wellness and cooking. You can often catch her on breakfast radio with the likes of the 3AW team. Her energy motivating you for the day!

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Simone is an experienced and refreshing presenter who motivates and inspires people nationally at conferences, events and in the media. Get in touch to engage Simone’s breadth of knowledge for your next event.

Eat Like An Athlete

“Nutrition with fewer rules, no dieting and a sports feel”

Simone’s dedication to peak performance in elite athletes has made for a successful career of achievements.

Readers will see how the sports approach to nutrition can be for the everyday person, with a focus on what you can eat rather than what you can’t. Anyone can eat like an athlete and Simone teaches readers how to implement this into eating at home, the workplace and while travelling and dining out.

Written with weekend warriors and active people in mind, Eat Like An Athlete will show you how to increase your energy through diet and maintain performance for your weekend sports - and keeping up with everyday life.

Get your copy of Eat Like an Athlete at Booktopia, Dymocks, Readings and all other major bookstores.

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Simone's Blog

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