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Simone has served as the dietitian with the Hawthorn Football Club since 2009. She has also worked with the Australian Men's Cricket Team, Melbourne’s top rugby sides and Melbourne City Soccer club.

Simone partners with some of Australia’s established health and food brands, providing advice on product development and how to successfully engage health professionals with your product. She provides great enthusiasm and energy along with the nutritional knowledge for promotional events and social media. Simone will help your product identify and promote it's health halos.

Simone also works with the community offering private practice consultations.

Consulting Services

Private Practice

Helping individuals manage their health through optimal nutrition

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Elite Team Sports

Shaping Australia's leading sportspeople for peak performance

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Brand Ambassador

Simone Austin lends her expertise to leading wellness products and brands.

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Simone's Approach

As well as ensuring peak performance for elite athletes, Simone teaches a practical message of health and happiness through her regular media appearances and corporate events. Simone is a lively speaker on all things nutrition, wellness and cooking.

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Industry Leading Experience


Love your legumes- Red lentil, carrot and sweet potato soup reicpe

Aussies eat around 2.9kg each of legumes per year that is a measly 4grams per day, while some parts of the world are having up to 5kg each per year. Who cares you say? Research has shown with every additional 20 grams of legumes eaten daily -around one tablespoon- there is a reduction in the risk of early death by 7- 8%. Now that is a great reason to love your legumes! Legumes include all types of beans, peas and lentils. think chickpeas, kidney ebans, baked beans and even green peas. Want to know how you can eat more legumes and more reasons to why you should? I will share a few tips and my delicious soup recipe.



How does alcohol fit into my diet and health?

Thinking about a glass of wine when you get home or a beer with a barbie, while watching the footy or after training? Many people enjoy an alcoholic drink with few adverse effects to their health. However, it is worthwhile to know what the safe drinking limits of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) are, as there are also a substantial number of people who do suffer adverse effects to their health and life due to drinking more alcohol than is recommended. The news is not all bad, read on to understand more about enjoying a drink without being negative on your health and performance.



One dish makes many meals

Would you like to save some time in the kitchen and serve up a nutritious dinner for yourself and the family? That is a dream most of us have, particularly during the working week. I have a basic mince recipe that can be the start of many differnet tasting meals. Here is what I do.



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