Simone's Savoury Muffins

These tasty, savoury muffins are perfect for breakfast, lunch or a healthy snack. Packed with vegetables they are a great way to show how delicious veggies can taste. With back to school on it's way pop extras in the freezer ready to go.

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How to eat healthy for AFL?

It is always exciting for footy fans at finals time! With 17 AFL seasons under my belt, and the enjoyment of 3 premierships at Hawthorn AFL Football Club, I still love the feeling of finals time in September. AFL is a long, gruelling game that needs peak energy levels for four quarters and nutrition is key to achieve this. What does an AFL player need to eat? Let me share with you.

‘Downsizing’ good for your health and the environment

Most of us try to eat healthy foods as much as possible. We are though bombarded with advertising to upsize, super size and in general overeat. Many of these foods are packed with cheap ingredients such as salt, sugar and fat, profitable to food companies but not for our health or the environment. Eating in excess, is food waste and something to change to reduce green house gas emissions and be of benefit to our health

Nutrition Tips

Sugar, Do You Eat Too Much?

We are told we eat too much sugar and should cut down for the benefit of our health, but it is hard to do particularly after Easter when you find yourself surrounded by pretty coloured Easter eggs staring at you every time you open the pantry door. How much is too much and is any of it good? Let’s take a look along with some tips to keep us in check.

Sri Lankan Chicken and Potato Curry

We may not be able to travel to eat the wide range of culinary delights right now, but we can create them as best we can at home! Why not try my Sri Lankan chicken and potato curry? I don't know about you but I can't wait to be able to go to Sri Lanka a popular travel and foodie destination to try a local one but until then this will suit me just fine. I have left the skin on the potatoes to increase the fibre and added a range of delicious vegetables for you to enjoy!

Nutrition Tips

We know veggies are good for our health, so why is this messaging not having us eat enough?

It sounds like such a simple thing to do, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, but obviously not, as most Australians are not eating anywhere near the recommended servings a day. The big questions is why not, is it really that hard to do or does the message simply not resonate? How about we try a new approach. Stop telling people they need to eat more fruit and vegetables for their health as the key message could be a place to start.


Fruit and Nut Balls

Healthy snacks can be hard to find. These fruit and nut protein, snack balls will hit the spot! Packed with wholefoods of nuts, dried fruit, coconut and honey they are an easy snack to make at home. With a cup of tea, pre or post a workout or at anytime of day you will enjoy these balls of goodness.


Chili Con Carne- extra veg style

My quick and easy chili con carne recipe with extra veg can transform into a savoury mince, base for a lasagna or topping for jacket potatoes or pasta. Add and subtract herbs and spices to meet your taste buds desire! I have added in extra vegetables and kidney beans to boost the plant food ingredients whilst keeping the meat base for those who enjoy it. We could all do with some extra vegetables and legumes in our diet so give this healthy recipe a go. It will be a family favourite.


Simone's Spiced Apple Tea Cake

I love home baked cake, one of my life's highlights and this Spiced Apple Tea Cake is one of my favourite creations! I have a few secret ingredients like added, yoghurt, extra virgin olive oil, gingerbread spice and almond flakes. Read on for more!

Nutrition Tips

Exam Time Coming? Fuel Yourself for School

There is a lot of pressure to perform and bring home good results for both elite athlete's and students. Nutrition can play an important role and you are in control of how you choose to eat at a time when sometimes we can feel out of control. I have picked 7 tips to help you perform at your best!

Nutrition Tips

Transforming your Health in Spring

Have you been waiting for Spring to review your health? Well Spring has arrived and it might be time to spring clean your diet. The longer days and warmer weather that comes with spring can bring about a great amount of joy and excitement after the cooler weather. Spring is the perfect time to shake off the winter blues, with motivation to work towards a healthier feeling you. Here are some tips to help you get started.


Eggs with Beans, Harissa and Greens

Here is a healthy recipe for you to enjoy eating more plant foods, particularly beans- (legumes) and greens! We know that eating legumes is good for our gut and heart health so I put together a delicious easy recipe to get you on your way to eating more! This dish is quick and easy. It can be whipped up for breakfast, lunch or dinner and is sure to be a winner with the family.

Nutrition Tips

What You Need to Eat to Support your Health and Home Workout

Your workout zone may be at home, and if so is not quite the same, but you give it a red hot go! Putting in the hard yards, you want to see benefit from your workout and that means supporting your body with the best foods you can. As I tell the elite athletes I work with, it is about choosing foods that have the greatest concentration of nutrients. Read on to see my answers to questions such as, how much and when should I eat? How much protein and what about snacks? Read on to learn more

Strawberry, Banana and Oat Muffins

These strawberry, banana and oat muffins make a perfect snack, dessert or as part of breakfast. They satisfy the desire for something sweet whilst providing plenty of nourishment at the same time. The rolled oats provide slow release energy as well as dietary fibre and the fruit some vitamin C and plenty of antioxidants for good health too. Enjoy this muffin recipe.

Why you need 30 different plant foods a week

We all know that eating plenty of plant foods, particularly vegetables is good for our health but how much do we need to eat? Well 30 different plant foods a week is what research from the world’s largest microbiome study is suggesting. Participants who had 30 or more different plant foods a week in the study compared to those who had 10 or less, had a greater diversity of microbes living in their intestine. Counting how many different plant foods you have per week,with the aim to hit 30 might be a novel way as it seems other approaches are not working. What counts as a different plant food? You may think you are eating different plant foods when you are eating the same one different ways, so read on to see how you can reach 30 or more per week for health.


Spinach, Ricotta and Corn Parcels

Hands up if you love crisp golden pastry? These spinach, ricotta and corn parcels are just delicious, perfect for a cold autumn or winter’s night. You could experiment with adding different vegetables, herbs and spices. If you are looking to reduce your meals with meat being the feature this one ticks that box, with the ricotta cheese, eggs, tasty cheese and ham providing the protein. If you wanted to go meat free you could leave out the ham. As the ham is salty and so is cheese I don’t add in extra salt into the mix.


My Favourite Savoury Healthy Muffins

Muffins are tasty and versatile, enjoyed for snacks or meals. How easy it is to make a batch and pop extra in the freezer for another day. These veggie muffins go well with a hearty bowl of soup for lunch or as a great way to include some vegetables at breakfast time or a pre or post workout healthy snack. Throw in what ever vegetables and herbs you like with some of your favourite tasty cheese. Everyone in the family could be baking and eating these!

Chicken Schnitzel and Almond Salad

Looking for a healthier version of Caesar salad, that is still as tasty? This salad recipe ticks the boxes! It is a great one to use left over chicken schnitzel and roasted carrots or other vegetables from the evening dinner the night before. The crunch of the almonds and pumpkin seeds and the creaminess of the olive oil make it a mouth watering delight for a quick healthy lunch or dinner recipe!

Orange and Poppy Seed Cake

Here is my recipe for the most deliciously moist orange and poppy seed cake you have tried, made a little healthier. The secret ingredients are whole oranges that have been gently boiled and the flesh blended, some extra virgin olive oil and Rokeby Farms Probiotic Milk, Filmjolk. A product I have learnt to love in all sorts of ways since being the consultant dietitian to Rokeby Farms over the last 3 years! Enjoy a slice with your favourite tea variety.

Feeding Essential Care Workers; Healthy Snacks on the Front Line

Our health care worker’s, are on the front line, working in areas such as Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and need our help. An ICU nurse from one of Melbourne’s major hospitals, reached out asking for my suggestions on healthy snacking to share with her coworkers. I was so pleased to be asked and it is the least I can do to help those working so hard to keep us well. I was equally happy to hear they are taking care of themselves. For all of us in other areas of work, working, school or just staying safe at home healthy snacking is important for our health too. This is looking like a marathon event ahead, not a sprint so here are my healthy snacking ideas to get us through.

The important things you need know when trying to support your immune system.

During a time of a viral pandemic is just like any time, it is important to eat to support our immune system to protect us. It might come as a surprise to you when I am say we want to support our immune system, but not over do it. If the immune system is overactive it can be damaging to our body. What we want to do, is support the immune system to work in balance and not send it into over drive. We can eat fresh everyday nutritious food to do this, like we should aim to do anyway, nothing new required.

Nutrition Tips

What can you eat to support your immune system?

Fighting off colds, flus and infections starts with a strong immune system. There is no magic food to do this, but one of the keys to eating to support your immune system is eating plenty of plant foods. We can feed our gut microbiome and include Omega 3 fats too. Read on, to learn what you can do.

Nutrition Tips

How to Healthy Meal Prep 101

Meal prepping doesn’t have to be devoting your whole Sunday to make every meal for the week. It can simply mean getting a few things ready to save time, reduce stress and make things run more smoothly at meal time. If you can achieve this it is much easier to eat a nourishing, healthy diet. How easy is it to grab take away on the way home from work if you know nothing is prepared at home and you are tired and hungry! Let's break that habit. If you would like to get meal prep started read on.


Quick Healthy Dinner Recipe: Tandoori salmon with cous cous and greens

Do you get home at the end of a long day and think, I wish dinner was ready? Since there are no magic fairies to make this happen, the next best option is a quick meal to prepare, so dinner is ready for the family in half an hour. Salmon fillets and greens can make this dream come alive! Here is my quick recipe to feed and fuel the family and is healthy at the same time!

New Year: How to get your diet off to the right start

The New Year has clicked over and what a great time to reflect on what has been and what you would like the future to hold. With this comes a word of warning- stay clear of the diet hype and pressure to be transforming your body into a ‘new you’ and setting un realistic new year’s resolutions! Skip the ‘detoxes’ and promises to ‘shed kilos fast’ . Want to know how to make the new year a nutrition success? Here is your secret to success.

10 Best Christmas Gifts: that are healthy for you too .  

It’s looking a lot like Christmas with the end of year and the time for gift giving fast approaching. It is tricky trying to think of something to buy a small gift that shows thought for; a work colleague, client, friend, family and your employees. As much as I enjoy a box or block of nice chocolate, there are other tasty, nourishing ideas that people will love and keep them healthy too. Here are my 10 foodie Christmas present ideas; the dietitian in me has influenced of course and number 10 is the best, I may be just a little bias in suggesting this!

Is your smoothie doing you harm or good?  A guide to making the most of your smoothie.

A dietitian’s guide to making the most of your smoothie.‍Who doesn’t like the taste of a pretty pink berry smoothie or the thought of the goodness in a green one? Smoothies are very popular and it’s no surprise, given how delicious, filling and versatile they are, however are they actually good for you? How can you make sure yours is delicious and nutritious too? So what should you put in your smoothie to make it tasty? Here is my 10 step guide!

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Does Spring cause you, allergy grief? Your diet might be able to help

Spring has sprung and so have the flowers with plenty of pollen and the wind to spread it.For those who suffer with hay fever and asthma it can be a nightmare. Pollen and dust can cause the immune system to have an allergic response. This includes inflammation, particularly in the nose for hay fever sufferers. How can your diet help? One way is via our gut microbiome,which influences inflammation in the body.

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What do AFL Players need to eat?

It is always exciting for footy fans at finals time! With 17 AFL seasons under my belt, including 3 premierships at Hawthorn AFL Football Club, I still love the sniff of finals time in September. AFL is a long, gruelling game. Maintaining energy levels for 25-30 minute quarters, a and repeat this for 22 matches and finals is challenging. It is important players fuel their body with nourishing foods to get the most out of training, recover and sustain energy levels throughout the season. So what do AFL players need to eat?

5 ways to have your cake and eat it to

I love a good homemade cake, eating and baking it. I don’t feel guilty when I eat cake,and neither should you. As I am a regular to cake eating though, I do as my family know, play around with the ingredients in recipes to boost the nourishment it provides. Sometimes this is with success and other times, mmmm, not so great and a friend once asked me, ‘is this cardboard slice? I may have gone a little far on that one! Some cakes and desserts though I just leave alone and enjoy as they are; vanilla slices, shortbread and my mum’s chocolate cake.What can you do to boost the nutrient density of your cakes or muffins?

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A Dietitian's Guide to Best Brain Foods

We all know the importance of a healthy diet for prevention of disease and to fuel ourselves for exercise –but do we think about fueling the organ in charge of our body; the brain? There are some foods that have more influence on our brain health than others. I thought I would talk about 5 key dietary areas. Let’s take a look. Literally food for thought.

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What is Clean Eating?

What do we mean by, ‘Clean eating’, such a marketing and buzz phrase? Clean eating is a term often used to describe eating wholefoods, with minimal or no processing, as close to their natural form as possible. It usually involves a diet with wholegrains,plenty of vegetables and fresh fruit, lean meats, seafood, nuts, seeds and minimal or no added sugars, alcohol or highly processed foods. That is fantastic, and the way we should be eating. Australians eat too many discretionary foods and a poor diet contributes to the global burden of disease related reduce the I think I call it healthy eating! Some products market as 'clean' but are they really? What about gluten free, no added sugar? Have we moved happily onto, 'plant based diet'?

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Do you fall short on fruit and vegetables in winter?

Winter is nearly here. I am looking forward to some things it brings. The opportunity for enjoying winter warming dishes. Holding a mug of hot soup. Digging a spoon into delicious fruit crumbles and enjoying a hearty winter stew. A good diet will help keep our immune system in good order over winter. Let's see how.


Kangaroo, spinach & brown lentil lasagna

Lasagna is a family favourite. This delicious lasagna is a little different, it not only uses kangaroo in place of more traditional meats, it also piles in the vegetables and adds some lentils. read on to know why this lasagna punches above it's weight!


Love your legumes- Red lentil, carrot and sweet potato soup reicpe

Aussies eat around 2.9kg each of legumes per year that is a measly 4grams per day, while some parts of the world are having up to 5kg each per year. Who cares you say? Research has shown with every additional 20 grams of legumes eaten daily -around one tablespoon- there is a reduction in the risk of early death by 7- 8%. Now that is a great reason to love your legumes! Legumes include all types of beans, peas and lentils. think chickpeas, kidney ebans, baked beans and even green peas. Want to know how you can eat more legumes and more reasons to why you should? I will share a few tips and my delicious soup recipe.

Nutrition Tips

How does alcohol fit into my diet and health?

Thinking about a glass of wine when you get home or a beer with a barbie, while watching the footy or after training? Many people enjoy an alcoholic drink with few adverse effects to their health. However, it is worthwhile to know what the safe drinking limits of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) are, as there are also a substantial number of people who do suffer adverse effects to their health and life due to drinking more alcohol than is recommended. The news is not all bad, read on to understand more about enjoying a drink without being negative on your health and performance.


One dish makes many meals

Would you like to save some time in the kitchen and serve up a nutritious dinner for yourself and the family? That is a dream most of us have, particularly during the working week. I have a basic mince recipe that can be the start of many differnet tasting meals. Here is what I do.


Acai bowl- to eat or not to eat?

Acai bowls are very popular and don't they look pretty but are they suitable as a regular breakfast, lunch or snack? It depends on what you are looking for in your meal.


5 tips to keep hydrated and active in summer

It’s all too easy to want to lock ourselves inside with the air conditioner on rather than venturing out on a hot summers day. However, if you take note of these tips you can safely still be active and keep up your exercise routine and outdoor physical activities throughout the hot summer days.

Nutrition Tips

How Healthy is Sushi?

Have you bought sushi and thought you have bought a healthy lunch, but is it as healthy as we first thought?


Why sporting champions eat Salmon

Who ever said healthy food doesn’t taste good? Salmon not only tastes great it is good for you.


10 Healthy Food Swaps

Would you like to up your nutrition and still enjoy your favourite foods? You can make a few minor changes to your diet without feeling restricted or deprived.